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      • WaveMixer RPM package
        WaveMixer is a really nice looking and easy to use multitrack wave editor written by friends of mine. It uses really neat technology like GTK+, Gstreamer and LADSPA. I built the first WaveMixer RPM package for them, and I believe they are now handling them by themselves.

        Even if you'

      • GameCube hacks
        Right after I bought my Nintendo GameCube system, I read every available information about it, and I started to follow the activity of the homebrew community.

        Eventually, I also wrote little pieces of code.

        As usual, click the following link to get to my collection of homebrew

      • French Bluetooth introduction
        This is an introduction to the Bluetooth protocol stack, IP over Bluetooth, and seamless reconnection while moving a Bluetooth device among many access points. It is written in french.

        You can click here to read my French Bluetooth introduction.

      • Linupy 2.0.7 port to Yopy 3000
        The goal was to bring the latest distribution from Gmate to the Yopy 3000, as they didn't plan to do it themselves...

        Unfortunately, as the size of the (compressed) filesystem is over 17MBytes and the device only has 16MBytes of ROM, i had to move some parts of it to the MMC card. Th

      • Frozen Bubble port to handhelds
        The goal was to resize the graphics of Frozen Bubble in order to be able to play the game in a 240x320 display, which is the common screen resolution for PDAs.

        You can follow the link to get more informations about my frozen bubble port.

        It looks like this :

      • Hyperiums
        Hyperiums is a closed source, free as in free beer (Actually, some years ago you had to buy credits to play. Nowadays, you are just encouraged to contribute but can play for free w/o limitation), HTML based, massively multiplayer real time strategy game.

        I played this game for about a yea

      • Ultima Online
        Some time ago, I used to play Ultima Online on a role-playing oriented, french speaking and free shard named "Vivre". Unfortunately, it no longer exists. Anyways, during this period I also wrote a bit of code.

        First, there is UOGLMap (page only available in french, sorry), an Op

      • About me

        Here is my new blog homepage. This is not a blog! I am only using the most simple web publishing engine I found to help me publish things nicely, without the need to care about the layout.

        You can find more information about me in my résumé.