GameCube hacks 

Right after I bought my Nintendo GameCube system, I read every available information about it, and I started to follow the activity of the homebrew community.

Eventually, I also wrote little pieces of code.

As usual, click the following link to get to my collection of homebrew works for the GameCube.

It includes :
- an updated Howto on how to cross-compile demos. It is updated compared to the original version, which was the only one available for a period of time, and which also quickly became outdated.
- a tool that converts any image to a C array or object which can be copied to the framebuffer address for direct display on the TV screen. An example program to display the image is also included.
- a tool that interfaces with the ripping dol that was found someday floating around on the Internet ... It runs on Linux and MacOS X and allows to backup your games to your PC.
- a tool that streams back the game backup to the console, using the ACL dol. This tool is available in two versions :

- the first version has exactly the same features as the Windows version.
- the second version uses zlib. Every backup image is split in packets of 32kB and compressed, before being stored on the disk. When the streaming tool is required a specific file (the request contains the offset and size of the array that needs to be sent), it looks which blocks it needs, decompresses them on the fly, and sends the decompressed response to the console. This technique is really fast (bottleneck here is the network), it saves much diskspace (some backups shrink from 1.4GB to less than 400MB), and more important, it keeps the backup intact, as the compression is indeed non destructive (compared to the "regular" backup shrink tools, which simply rewrite the filesystem table and move the files).

Note : You are the only person responsible for the use you make of this software. Illegal usage is not encouraged by this webpage.
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French Bluetooth introduction 

This is an introduction to the Bluetooth protocol stack, IP over Bluetooth, and seamless reconnection while moving a Bluetooth device among many access points. It is written in french.

You can click here to read my French Bluetooth introduction.
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Linupy 2.0.7 port to Yopy 3000 

The goal was to bring the latest distribution from Gmate to the Yopy 3000, as they didn't plan to do it themselves...

Unfortunately, as the size of the (compressed) filesystem is over 17MBytes and the device only has 16MBytes of ROM, i had to move some parts of it to the MMC card. Thus, you'll have to have one in order to benefit from the full features of this distro.

You can click here to get Linupy 2.0.7 port to Yopy 3000.
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Frozen Bubble port to handhelds 

The goal was to resize the graphics of Frozen Bubble in order to be able to play the game in a 240x320 display, which is the common screen resolution for PDAs.

You can follow the link to get more informations about my frozen bubble port.

It looks like this :

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Hyperiums is a closed source, free as in free beer (Actually, some years ago you had to buy credits to play. Nowadays, you are just encouraged to contribute but can play for free w/o limitation), HTML based, massively multiplayer real time strategy game.

I played this game for about a year, as I already had a group of friends who were enjoying killing the time this way ...

The game designer offered an API for people to write external tools, so that's what I did.

The first of these tools, HypRank, allows you to get the list of all the players in one of your alliances in order to inject it into the general ranking list. Useful to filter the list without the need to type manually the name of every player.

The second one, HypRate, allows to fetch or compute every possible information about the player's planets. It looks like this :

The third one, HypMap, uses the GD graphic library to draw a map of the galaxy containing the list of every planet owned by the members of a specific alliance. It looks like this :

Of course, you can download the Hyperiums tools. They are written in PHP, and you can use them under the terms of the GPL license.
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